Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spencer's Baptism

  Spencer was baptized in May. It was a great day. He had prepared for months. He had been reading Preach my Gospel and had started personal scripture study.We are so proud of the choices Spence makes.

We had Grandma & Grandpa Thomas  come from Idaho and  Uncle Daniel & Aunt Dalynn with kiddies come from Baltimore. We LOVED having so much support.

Spence with his Georgia cousins, Austin and Cody.

Megan and Reric. :)

 Aunt Kat ,Uncle Rick, Austin, and Cody

Uncle Daniel and Aunt Dalynn Family

The Thomas crew

 Sui and Li'i

Our neighbors Jones family

McLay family

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Dan Thomas said...

It was very good to be there! Spencer is so good and making right choices. I am glad to see him studing "Preach My Gospel." I remember as though it were yesterday teaching the Deacons and the impact of reading "That the Lord needs missionaries".