Wednesday, September 18, 2013


About last Fall I had an opportunity fall in my lap to watch a special needs adult. With all our kids were in school and to be quite honest I was going a little crazy. I needed something more to fill my time with. We decided I would start watching Johnny full time. Basically he became my little partner. He loves to play basketball so we would go to the Y a few times a week. Johnny also loves to bowl so we bowled at least once a week. We went to the library and had lunch together. He would walk with me to pick up the kids every day after school. The kids loved him.  He was a total joy!!
By Spring the full time schedule started to get more difficult with 3 busy kids and and a traveling husband. Eventually I had to ask if we could just go part time. We tried that for a month or so. Unfortunately Johnny needed a full time care giver. As a mom I only get to do it once with my kids. They are my priority. It was sad to have him not be a big part of our life any longer, but we still get top see him on Sundays. He goes to church with us.:)
Anyways, I wanted to document our time with Johnny. He was a gift to have in our lives.

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You are so good!