Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spencer's Baptism

  Spencer was baptized in May. It was a great day. He had prepared for months. He had been reading Preach my Gospel and had started personal scripture study.We are so proud of the choices Spence makes.

We had Grandma & Grandpa Thomas  come from Idaho and  Uncle Daniel & Aunt Dalynn with kiddies come from Baltimore. We LOVED having so much support.

Spence with his Georgia cousins, Austin and Cody.

Megan and Reric. :)

 Aunt Kat ,Uncle Rick, Austin, and Cody

Uncle Daniel and Aunt Dalynn Family

The Thomas crew

 Sui and Li'i

Our neighbors Jones family

McLay family


About last Fall I had an opportunity fall in my lap to watch a special needs adult. With all our kids were in school and to be quite honest I was going a little crazy. I needed something more to fill my time with. We decided I would start watching Johnny full time. Basically he became my little partner. He loves to play basketball so we would go to the Y a few times a week. Johnny also loves to bowl so we bowled at least once a week. We went to the library and had lunch together. He would walk with me to pick up the kids every day after school. The kids loved him.  He was a total joy!!
By Spring the full time schedule started to get more difficult with 3 busy kids and and a traveling husband. Eventually I had to ask if we could just go part time. We tried that for a month or so. Unfortunately Johnny needed a full time care giver. As a mom I only get to do it once with my kids. They are my priority. It was sad to have him not be a big part of our life any longer, but we still get top see him on Sundays. He goes to church with us.:)
Anyways, I wanted to document our time with Johnny. He was a gift to have in our lives.

Winter Break 2013

This is way late, but I wanted to make sure to document it. Our family took a fun little vacation during Winter Break last year. We decided to try something new and Luke found a REALLY good deal online . We spent a few days together at Wilderness at the Smokeys in Tennessee.  It a kid's paradise....bowling, rock climbing , in-door water rides, wave pool. The kids insist we need to make it a tradition, but we'll see.  It was definitely a memory maker.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kar's First Concert

Thursday, April 18, 2013


The kids all played basketball this Winter. The teams were coed. It was a fun season. Unfortunately my camera is pretty bad so I didn't get a lot of good shots.

Piano Recital

The Holidays at School